Eydon Local History Photographs

The House Plots

Stretching between the two main streets are many long thin properties with a only small street frontage, many with pre-18th century houses gable-on to the road. (Figure 3)

The authors earlier attempts to determine the design size of the plots by measuring the road frontage failed as no obvious simple number stood out, until it was realised that early town planners used perches (of ‘rod, pole or perch’ fame from the back of old exercise books) and half-perches to lay out their towns [5]. (A perch is 16.5 feet or 5.5 yards, equal to 5.03 metres) Rough measurements on a map suggested that a 2.5 perch (12.6m) grid, the same as was used for example in parts of Bury St Edmund’s Butter Market (which was laid out between 1066 – 1086), may have been used to lay out Eydon. [3]

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Eydon Local History Photographs